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The Keeper of the Peoples Paths web site, Nancy Thomas, has left this world for a better place. For that, I am happy for her as she was in much pain for a long time. She loved this web site and loved doing all she could for the Cherokee people and other American Indian nations. The web site will remain online until the domain expires (May 14, 2015) at which time the site will no longer be available. Feel free to copy anything from this site for your personal archives.

I was proud to be a part of her life and part of this web site which I helped maintain. While the site is not as modern as some other web sites and does not have a lot of bells and whistles like other sites, her goal was to provide everyone with honest information and she spent hours of her time updating the site until she fell ill. Thank you Nancy for all you did for your people. You are loved!

Bob Connors
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Please Note: The expiration of this site has been extended by one year thanks to an anonymous donor and the site will now terminate on May 14, 2016!

There is now a second URL for the People's Paths the original
Cherokee version http://www.YvwiiUsdinvnohii.net/mainindex.html
An English version http://www.thePeoplesPaths.net/mainindex.html

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