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'Navajo (Dineh) / Hopi Land Dispute'

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BIA Navajo - Hopi Land Dispute
Frequently Asked Questions About
The Navajo / Hopi Land Dispute

Public Law 104-301 104th Congress "An Act To provide
for the settlement of the Navajo-Hopi land dispute, and
for other purposes. NOTE: Oct. 11, 1996 - [S. 1973]"

Big Mountain ~ Views from the Hogan Index
"Notes from Big Mountain"
Dineh (Navajo) Forced Relocation

Violation Against Sacred Ceremony
Statement by Chief Arvol Looking Horse
(the People's Voice ~ Saturday, July 14, 2001)

Photos from Sacred Sundance at Big Mountain
"Interference and Arbor after dismantling."
By order of the Hopi Tribal Council.

Vanishing Prayer: "Genocide of the Dineh"
RealPlayer Video Produced by Sol Communications

NAIIP News Path!
"North American Indian & Indigenous People"

Statements by; Cedric Kuwaninvaya, Chairman
Hopi Land Team, made to the Arizona Republic,
concerning the dismantling of Sundance site.

"This is just one of the steps that the Hopi Tribe will be taking
to enforce its jurisdiction over the Hopi Reservation," said Cedric
Kuwaninvaya, chairman of the Hopi Land Team. "We will keep a close
eye on the former site of Camp Anna Mae to ensure that the
trespassers do not try to establish another camp at which they
hold unwanted gatherings and celebrate their lawlessness."

"The Hopi will never again tolerate a situation where our lands
are stolen, our people abused and our laws ignored. We will protect
our lands and our rights," he said. "When so-called religious
ceremonies become little more than political rallies, both the
Hopi and the Navajos lose. The actions of the resisters do not
support peace between the two tribes."

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    • Monestersky Loses Appeal
      "In the Hopi Appellate Court"
      By Claire Heywood of The Hopi Tribe
      (NAIIP News Path ~ Wednesday, July 24, 2002)

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