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'North American Indian & Indigenous People'
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Welcome to the CERTŪ Coordination Center
"Carnegie Mellon Software Enginering Institute"
Detection & Recovery
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Urban ledgends and Folklore ~ Hoax Library
"Current Net Hoaxes, and other digital lies..."
About. com AniVirus Software

snopes.com: Urban Legends Reference Pages
Critter Country, Halloween, Business, Horror,
Weddings, Disney, Radio & Television, etc...

Trend Micro FREE Antivirus Tools ~ House Call
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  1. Symantec Corporation/IBM
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Forums & Bulletin Boards!

**Welcome To! 'People's Paths NAIIP Message Forums'
Cherokee Forums ~ Culture/Heritage, Genealogy, News & Political
North American Indian Forums ~ General Discussion and Genealogy

**Welcome To! Diabetes Message Forum
"Joyce Dugan, principal chief of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, said
diabetes afflicts one of five Native Americans and one of three in her tribe."

**Welcome To! Choctaw Talk "A bulletin board for the discussion of Choctaw issues:
language, culture, history, geneology, upcoming events, and so on."

**Welcome To! Paths-L Archives ~*~ Leonard Peltier Archives
Archives of "the People's Paths" Majordomo Email Lists!

NativeCelebs ~ NativeCelebs Webboard
"This board is meant to be used for giving and receiving info and
opinions on Native Celebrities. Please do not impart nfo/opinions
harmful to the celebrity, and be courteous to fellow fans and
celebrities. Some of them may actually browse these pages."

'ISCABBS' Iowa Student Computer Association BBS 'Bulletin Board Service'
"The forum for American Indians is called, American Indian Studies,
Forum Number 177 Come and see what the subjects are today!"
[**Note: This path telnets to a real BBS!
Experience a Bulletin Board Service, which were
normally accessed by direct telephone dailup, via the Internet!]

Usenets / News Groups!

  • Forte' Inc. "Get the latest information about Agent,
    the #1 news and mail reader for Windows on the Internet,
    or download the freeware version, called Free Agent."
    Read, write and reply to the news groups while offline!

  • USENET ~ REPLAYER "Usenet Replayer is your usenet
    agency. It provides a set of tools to communicate via
    Usenet. All functions of Usenet Replayer are "as is"
    and "free" of charge. With Usenet Replayer you can avoid
    the common usenet problems."

Surprise someone by sending a very special email!

  • Native American Greeting Cards "Courtesy Free Greeting Cards @ Buffalo Trails"
    Send a free Native American greeting card to your friends and family.

  • MyFunCards "1000 FREE eCards and free greeting cards for
    every occasion. Choose from over 1000 eCards and online
    greeting cards for every occasion at MyFunCards -- all
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    Toolbar Features: No registration required! No Spyware.
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  • 123 Greetings Brought to you by Not Boring.com
    Free Animated Greeting Cards "Send Free Online
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  • Greeting Grams.com "Free fun online
    greeting cards, greetings, & ecards."

  • ICQ Friendship E-cards 'Express Your Feelings!'

  • Regards.com Free Greetings ~ Play Regards.com ZGames
    "5,000+ card content for virtually every holiday and occasion."

  • Welcome to Lakhota.Com's Free E-Cards!

  • American Greetings Choctaw Enterprise: "American Greetings (1981),
    leasehold interest of a 120,000 square foot facility
    in Neshoba County, Mississippi where American
    Greetings Corporation hand finishes greeting cards."

  • "M" Michigan Live Ecards! "Featuring scenes found
    nowhere else but in the Great Lakes State of Michigan!"

  • inDesktop - Home of the greatest downloadable desktop ScreenMates!
    ScreenMates are free, interactive, animated entertainments that
    live on your desktop! Messagemates

  • Desktop Animation: ScreenMates / ScreenSavers
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  • Joy Greetings Just For Fun, Friendship, Humor, Web Games, and more...!!!

  • E-Cards from Care2.com ~ E-Cards With Native American Themes

  • Castle Mountains Post Cards "Castlemountains.com is your
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  • PerfectGreetings "The best free greetings on the net."

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