Letter To The World
Grandfather William Commando

Dear World,

The prophecies from all cultures have been written that this is the year of the decision. Either we are going to change and clean our Mother Earth or keep on destroying her as we have been doing. If we do not make the change then there is no future for our childern.

First, we need to bring all the four colors of races together in peace, love and racial harmony. It is an unconditional love for all. The Mother Earth's veins have been clogged for many years and her veins are her water ways. Her bones have been taken out of her body, which is the uranium, oil, coal, etc. because of the lust and uncontrollable passion for power and money. The Indian people of North and South America are the Keepers of this Turtle Island. The natural destruction that has occured such as earthquakes, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions, etc. is because people have built on sacred lands of the Mother Earth. These are her beauty lines. She needs to breath and move. When she yawns she does not mean to hurt her childern, but she needs to move because she is a living being just like you and I.

Our Mother is giving us a chance to clean her. If we do not, she will have to do it herself. The disasters will get worse and the childern are going to get hurt.

We are in our Forth World. It is our last chance. I pray that the four races come together in love, peace and harmony, that we all can join hands and walk as one, to save our Mother Earth and the childern.

The Walk For The Earth has started with a ripple but is now is turning to a wave. The people are now starting to come together as the prophecies said. I pray for all my sisters and brothers, I pray for strength and understanding to make the circle strong.

Mequetch with Peace and Love for all,

William Commando

Provided by:
* Rebecca Michele Lord *

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